is a travel agency that offers only the best destinations at the best seasons

throughout the world.

Created by kitesurfers, everything is designed and personalized to give you

the best kitesurfing holidays possible!

Our main and most famous offer is our kitesurfing Progression and Coaching Camps.

We give you something a bit different to help you improve and reach your goals, may they be transitions, front rolls, raileys, s-bends, backmobs… or just going upwind, and all of those on our incredible spots… We will be 2 coaches, you will be 10 guests, and we will be there all day long with you to guide you through your progression and your search of performance.

Quality, security, and improvement are our values.

All this with a smile and an atmosphere you will never forget…

But we also have professionalized packages that will fit YOU !

Beginner Packages, Free-Rider Packages, and personalized Holiday Packages!

Check out our different destinations, our different offers,

and don’t hesitate to contact us!

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